Sporting Clays

   It's not like this in Southern California

What is Sporting Clays?

  Well, some call it Golf with a Shotgun, some call it an addiction, others call it frustration... But, most will call it FUN!!!.

 A typical course consists of 10 to 15 stations, with each station presenting targets from 2 to 4 traps. Usually 6 to 10 targets are shot at each station by a squad of up to six shooters (usually 5) for a total outing of 50 to 100 targets per person. Targets are thrown in pairs. A pair of targets may be thrown as a true pair (thrown at the same time), as a following pair (thrown sequentially), or on report (the second clay launched on the firing of the shooter's gun). Numerous target variations can be had by combining various speeds and angles with different types of clay targets. Every course is unique. Throughout a course, a shooter will see targets crossing from either side, coming inward, going outward, flying straight up, rolling on the ground, arcing high in the air, or thrown from towers.

 The possible target presentations are limited only by safety considerations, the terrain, and the imagination of the course setter. The configuration of the stations is often changed to maintain interest for the shooters

 If you live in Southern California, the Los Angeles area particular, you have a great vareity   of shooting venues to go to.

  These venues offer a wide range of terrain and target difficulty. We have everything from state shoot level targets to good fun shoot targets. Driven targets from hill tops to screaming crossers in a canyon below your feet.

  Aside from the assnine gun grabbing politics, this is a great place for quality shooting venues.

Local Ranges

Triple B's Clays
Oak Tree Gun Club

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