Sporting Clays

   In Southern California

  Moore-N-Moore, this is my home club and my favorite. The club has 15 stations, most, if not all, have 4 traps.

  What makes Moore-N-Moore my favorite club?

  There are a few things, first off, the staff is incredible, wanting nothing more than to give the shooter the best possible experience. Part of the experience is the terrain, while the course is small compaired to most, the terrain offers a wide variety of target presentations, and they do throw everything at you... You never know what you'll get. I've seen soft charity setups all the way to registered shoots where good master class shooters can't get out of the 80's.

  They also have a game called Argentina.    What is the Argentina?

  It's a game designed to challenge the shooter with a variety of targets and the necessary reloading speed for dove hunting in Argentina.

  The clays are released randomly every 8 seconds from any of the 4 machines on the station. There are several different game programs loaded on the machines, singles, delayed pairs, true pairs and they even have a game for NSCA shoots. The games I've played have 5 pairs on each station, so shooting a 50 or 100 bird game is easy. There is a program that allows for a 25 bird game, I haven't tried it yet, but I'm sure it's awesome.

  Sound like fun?     I can assure you it is!!!

 Great facility, great staff, great targets.

  If you get out to this neck of the woods, this is a must shoot course.

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