Sporting Clays

   In Southern California

This is my setup

  My primary gun for Sporting Clays is a Zoli Kronos Extra with 32" barrels. I bought it used at a price I just couldn't pass up. The gun looked new when I bought it, but now it does have some handling marks on it. It is a very well balanced gun and is a joy to shoot

  My backup gun is a Browning GTI with 28" barrels. It's an older gun and has been rock solid. It doesn't handle as well as the Zoli, but it gets the job done. I have no regrets with buying it.

  For eye protection, I wear Randolf Engineering Ranger Classics. I find these glasses to be very comfortable. They are not the cheapest option and they are nowhere near the most expensive glasses out there. They are a high quality frame with a lot of lens options, both perscription and non-perscription. The easily changeable lenses are great for adapting to your eyes and environment.

  For hearing protection, I use custom molded silicone rubber ear plugs. These are inexpensive and offer good protection, but make it hard to hear normal conversation at the range. I've been toying with the idea of custom molded plugs with active electronics, but the cost has kept me from doing far.

  As for shells, I load my own! With this states restrictive, BS laws, I've found it better to roll my own. What I load ends up being: 1oz, #7.5 shot @ 1250fps. Good enough to break any target I see!!!

  Other equipment I use, a Lonesome Charlie shell pouch and a Browning range bag. Both are well made items.

  The one piece of optional equipment I use that I really like, a converted Clicgear golf push cart. This cart holds all my gear and makes walking the course a breeze. While not required, if you shoot a lot, it's well worth the price.

My Rig

Photos of my setup